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JYRA x Holland Park - Waiting

March 20, 2017
Do you remember that time The Bearded Man was dating that girl who worked in construction? It was a tough period for him, because she was always away on work. He'd be clubbing at night, and she'd be up at the crack of dawn to get busy constructifying. Their two paths just never seemed to cross. You might ask yourself how they got together in the first place, but that would be stupid. All that matters is that this relationship was clearly doomed from the beginning. They got along fine enough for a while, but one night, after The Bearded Man had been partying a little too hard, he called his girlfriend. He asked her if she would pick him up, and she said sure. So The Bearded Man waited patiently in the rain. And waited some more. Finally, he realized she wasn't coming. As it turned out, she got a last minute job building a bridge. The Bearded Man walked home in the rain. She was out building effing bridges while he was stuck there waiting for her.


  1. 1. Waiting (02:55)
  2. 2. Waiting (Extended Mix) (03:13)
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