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Justin Michael feat. Matt Beilis - Too Late Tomorrow

March 19, 2012
US producer Justin Michael teamed up with New York based singer/songwriter Matt Beilis to bring an eclectic mix of prog-house, soulful vocals and catchy beats. 'Too Late Tomorrow' makes you love each and every moment! For Matt Beilis, the real deal of music making started when his videos because a huge hype on YouTube. Hot off the release of his debut album, he was invited by LA based producer Justin Michael. Having worked with the likes of Bruno Mars, Justin had just the right instrumental awaiting Matt. 'Too Late Tomorrow' is the fluently flowing, warm club—track that you're going to meet sooner than you'd think!


  1. 1. Too Late Tomorrow (Club Mix) (06:10)
  2. 2. Too Late Tomorrow (Digital LAB & Pedro Henriques Remix) (06:56)
  3. 3. Too Late Tomorrow (Instrumental Mix) (06:10)
  4. 4. Too Late Tomorrow (Radio Edit) (03:12)
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