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Xanti & Jake Shanahan, Jensby - Justice / Timewarp

February 04, 2013
Nothing tops the energy that a loud, furious and inflammable piece of music can give you! That's why Trice Recordings now brings you two sure-shots for the peak-time moments. Enjoy 'Justice' by rising talents Xanti & Shanaha and the catchy 'Timewarp' by UK producer Jensky! Italian producer Xanti and US colleague Jake Shanahan know how to cook up a storm. A 7 minute one, to be exact. Their 'Justice', already supported by the likes of Hardwell, is funky, bulky and rides a deep, thick bass. There's nothing more you need to get a crowd going!Brilliantly mixing the energy of house with the infuriating stabs and playfulness of electro, UK producer Jensby kicks in with 'Timewarp'. With full warp speed ahead, this young, London-based talent rips up the floors and makes the bass hit in right where needed.


  1. 1. Justice (Original Mix) (07:15)
  2. 2. Timewarp (Original Mix) (05:54)
  3. 3. Justice (Radio Edit) (02:52)
  4. 4. Timewarp (Radio Edit) (04:23)
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