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Julian Vincent featuring Cathy Burton - No End

July 13, 2009
Half a year after the remarkable 'Certainty' release, that's been rocking the crowds ever since it was featured on the ASOT 2008 album, Dutch producer/DJ Julian Vincent does it again. A spine-tingling, mind-shivering vocal beauty called 'No End' is the official follow-up. With vocals by Cathy Burton, 'No End' already owns the right voice to make it to a success. Along with the solid foundation, built by Julian Vincent's excellent production work, the track is set to be the next dance floor stormer of summer. 'No End' has a strong atmospheric feel, embodies what vocal trance should be all about and definitely makes you wish there was no end to it. Consider yourself lucky, for 'No End' comes with two remixes that'll stretch out the listening pleasure to an extra extend. First off, there's Re:Locate's Main Dub Mix, that remains proggy and geniously build, but is slighty more upfront than the original. Second, we've got the same Paul Moelands firing away on another remix, but teamed up with fellow-Dutchman Mark Sixma, aka M6, this time. Their M6 vs Re:Locate remix touches ground with the oldskool trance sound, armed with intensifying synths and ready to raise those arms across the dancefloor.


  1. 0. No End (ReLocate Main Vocal Mix) (08:37)
  2. 0. No End (ReLocate Main Dub) (08:38)
  3. 0. No End (ReLocate Instrumental) (08:39)
  4. 0. No End (M6 vs ReLocate Instrumental) (08:11)
  5. 0. No End (M6 vs ReLocate Remix) (08:11)
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