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Judge Jules - Phenomenology / Fiber

January 07, 2013
Exploring the EDM phenomenon for the past 20 years, you could say that UK's Judge Jules gained quite some expertise. The legendary producer, DJ and radio show host still hasn't lost his flow, witnessing the powerful impact of his new tunes 'Phenomenology' and 'Fibre'. Since falling in love with the beat well over 2 decades ago, the glow in Jules' eyes has only brightened. Shortly after the successes of 'The Attack' and Corderoy collab 'Give Me A Reason', he returns with another solo effort. And quite the works they are. 'Phenomenology' is a work of power, eclecticism and energy. Rough on the edges, but playful and melodic on the inside, it quickly builds into a perfect highlight to any night's out. 'Fibre' unveils the deeper, darker side of the Judge, overpowering from start to end.


  1. 1. Phenomenology (Club Mix) (06:32)
  2. 2. Phenomenology (Radio Edit) (04:36)
  3. 3. Fiber (Club Mix) (07:37)
  4. 4. Fiber (Radio Edit) (04:29)
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