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Josh Gabriel & Rob Stern - Disco Sticks

October 04, 2010
Prog legend Josh Gabriel teams up with Dubstep upstart, Rob Stern, for the second time in 2010. The result is a swaggering progressive tech opus, 'Disco Sticks'. Named after a Dutch ice cream treat, 'Disco Sticks' is based on an infectious cascade of massive chord stabs fused with an instantly memorable synth riff, making this cool confection a lingering summer treat that will last well into the autumn months. The extensive remix package includes a Progstep remix from Different Pieces' newest discovery, Secret Panda Society. Their interpretation takes the hooks of the original and mingles them with an in-your-face bass line that's sure to set fire to Dubstep events of all shapes and sizes. Rob Stern and Brent Rosplock tinker further with the original's sensibilities by transforming 'Disco Sticks' into a blistering D&B anthem, going far beyond that genre's usual format with trance-like flourishes and a hint of 80's funk. On the tech house tip, the Love Girls Remix is a vibey trip that samples the original chords and lays them on a funky tribal bed that's perfect for both early evenings ánd early mornings. Rounding out the package is a remix from Floridian Howard Kiss. His techno-inflected reinvention of the track builds on a swingy hypnotic groove and climaxes with the essence of the original's peak, resulting in a mix that will fully engage purists and partiers alike. With an eclectic collection of mixes that cover the entire EDM spectrum, 'Disco Sticks' is poised to be one of Different Pieces' biggest hits to date.


  1. 0. Disco Sticks (Original Mix) (07:15)
  2. 0. Disco Sticks (Rob Stern and Brent Rosplock Remix) (07:29)
  3. 0. Disco Sticks (Secret Panda Society Remix) (06:16)
  4. 0. Disco Sticks (Howard Kiss Remix) (07:23)
  5. 0. Disco Sticks (Love Girls Remix) (07:33)
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