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Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills - Hot As Hades

May 08, 2011
Josh Gabriel’s Winter Kills kicks off 2011 with “Hot As Hades” – the third single from their upcoming debut album. Fusing a retronica synth groove with Meredith Call’s smoldering vocal performance, “Hot As Hades” evokes the best of the legendary 80s duos with a decidedly 21st century flair. The remix package is a solid combo of trance and progressive.Josh Gabriel’s ethereal trance reinterpretation continues his trademark blend of driving beats and emotional textures, heating up the original while remaining true to its essence. The track builds to a spellbinding peak, before gently returning the audience to familiar territory. John O’Callaghan’s take on “Hot As Hades” is poised to be another huge hit in arenas, spinning the vocals into a dreamlike haze. With its driving kick and clouds of chordal melody, hardcore trance fans will find this outstanding, smoking version impossible to resist. Francis Preve delivers a more progressive take on the track, staying faithful to the original’s melodies while turning up the heat with a pounding kick and subsonic bass. Constantly building, the track rises to a crescendo of chord stabs and melancholy synths, as Meredith Call’s voice gently takes the track to its denouement.


  1. 1. Hot As Hades (Original Mix) (08:20)
  2. 2. Hot As Hades (John O'Callaghan Deep Dream Remix) (09:20)
  3. 3. Hot As Hades (Josh Gabriel Mix) (08:15)
  4. 4. Hot As Hades (Francis Preve Remix) (07:35)
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