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Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills - Forward Facing

November 18, 2012
Josh Gabriel and Meredith Call warm us up, with another quality Winter Kills tune. 'Forward Facing' is part of the treasury that their debut album beholds, and is now released with the winning remixes of the official remix contest! In June 2011, producer Josh Gabriel and singer Meredith Call unleashed the first album of their Winter Kills project. A unique collection of down- and up-tempo jewels, crossing borders of deep progressive, imaginative pop, retro groove and all else needed to create magic. 'Winter Kills' also features the beautiful 'Forward Facing', a driven prog tune with the stunning vocals of Meredith. Always having his ears open to new talent, Josh have upcoming producers the chance to show their remix skills and invited them for the official 'Forward Facing' remix contest. And the results are smashing! Dutchman Otto Coster brings the calm back into 'Forward Facing', giving it a bit of rewinding prog and a deep melodic feel. Btu the absolute number one of the remix contest, is Irish duo Walsh & McAuley. They're no strangers to the scene, but prove to have a fresh sound through their solid, warming prog-trance remix of 'Forward Facing'. A strong build-up, energetic flow and worthy pay-off is exactly what makes their remix the absolute winner.


  1. 1. Forward Facing (Original Mix) (05:32)
  2. 2. Forward Facing (Walsh & McAuley Remix) (06:43)
  3. 3. Forward Facing (Walsh & McAuley Radio Edit) (03:57)
  4. 4. Forward Facing (Otto Coster Remix) (08:18)
  5. 5. Forward Facing (Otto Coster Remix Edit) (03:03)
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