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Josh Gabriel, Francis Prève and Rob Stern - Knob

June 02, 2010
When it comes to designing and controlling sound, few modern artists have the combined range of skills that Josh Gabriel and Francis Preve share. With Gabriel at the forefront of progressive and trance for the better part of a decade and Preve riding high on the success of ‘Marina’, ‘Yin/Yang’ and his remixes for Winter Kills and Sander Kleinenberg, the idea of putting them both in a room with a few synths is both irresistible and terrifying. Adding a dash of Rob Stern's production brings the collaboration to a fever pitch - and the result is 'Knob'. The original mix of 'Knob' stakes out the territory of timeless techno- an homage to the 90’s rave scene that features a full-on 909 groove and acid-drenched sonic mayhem, building to a thoroughly monster peak, then morphing back into its classic 909 drums. Francis Preve's reinterpretation of the same sonic material veers into the big room bombast he unleashed with his remix of Josh Gabriel & Dave Seaman's 'Heyaah' combined with a touch of the subsonic throb that made 'Yin' one of the biggest tracks of '09. With both mixes fully delivering the goods from technology's heaviest hitters, this 'Knob' goes far beyond 11.


  1. 0. Knob (Original Mix) (06:15)
  2. 0. Knob (Francis Prève Remix) (06:01)
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