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Joint Operation Centre - Backup / Cramped

November 30, 2009
Captivating Sounds had its first release in July 2003, with a track by Danjo & Styles. The following 99 releases came from the hands of Chakra, Robert Nickson, Dave 202, Niels van Gogh, Paul Webster, Dash Berlin, W&W, M6, John O'Callaghan and countless other talented producers. With tech-trance as the main ingredient to all tracks, the Captivating imprint saw releases grow out to some of the scene's biggest classics and hits. The 100th release is one by leading tech-trance producer John O'Callaghan. This year, he climbed up to the 24th position in the renowned DJ Mag, only shortly after releasing his second artist album, 'Never Fade Away'. Under his Joint Operation Centre alias, he now delivers the 100th release of the Captivating Sounds label. Produced for a big-room madness, both 'Backup' and 'Cramped' damage the floors with a few heavy cracks. An inflammable techno sound, close to hard-trance, takes over in 'Backup', whereas 'Cramped' is a lot deeper and aims for a progressive sound. But mind you, don't let the tempo fool you, cause 'Cramped' rocks just as hard! John deserves a big pat on the back for delivering a more than worthy 100th release.


  1. 0. Backup (Original Mix) (06:42)
  2. 0. Cramped (Original Mix) (06:38)
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