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John O'Callaghan vs Neptune Project - Rhea

October 25, 2010
With the birth of his Subculture record label in January, two successful singles and the recent release of his 'Subculture 2010' compilation, John O'Callaghan is keeping things fresh for those in need of quality music. 2010 has been an outstanding year, not only to him but for his fans as well. Dan Willis and Jules Moyce, the two sound-creators behind the Neptune Project, also had their share of excitement, having their 'Aztec' and 'Atlantis' travel the globe and lighting souls along the way. When the experience of Irelands number one trance producer and the fresh sounds of an up and coming UK duo come together, the outcome can only be of high quality. Joining forces on 'Rhea', both parties don't only make up for a strong addition to their discographies, but also set a perfect example for peak time uplifting trance. Roaming from the back to the front, 'Rhea' spins its wheels with a tempting female vocal line. The track's strong melody, going through its most powerful moments in the long and stunning break down, catches on immediately. Backed up with a powerful baseline, it's a perfect blend of both significant sounds.


  1. 0. Rhea (Original Mix) (08:46)
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