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John O'Callaghan - Striker

January 18, 2010
Brace yourself, for the brand new Subculture label has kicked off - and kicked in with heavy impact-track 'Striker'.The Subculture label is the latest asset to the Armada Music family. The label, set up by the number 1 Irish DJ and producer, will reflect his sound and showcase new talent within the trance and tech-trance scene. John:"It will represent trance with a cutting edge, and tech-trance with something more than what I think is floating around now. We have seen tech-trance sway towards a really shuffle-y style which is cool, but in my taste - I prefer the more solid chunky tech-trance from a few years back. So I will be doing my best to root out strictly the best tunes out there. Quality...not quantity." The very first Subculture release is one by John himself. Right after the success of his 'Never Fade Away' artist album and 'Subculture' compilation, he starts 2010 with his very own label and a new track to give it a swell kick-off. 'Striker' is a melodic piece of tech-trance that combines classic synths with techy stabs in the way only John is able to. John:"It's a melody I had sitting on my studio for over 2 years and finally got to do something with it. The remix of 'Striker' is by someone who I really highly rate. It's by Ummet Ozcan - and he did an amazing job, this guy is going places!" The Ummet Ozcan remix is a bit darker, and tips its toes around the more techier edge of trance.The Subculture label couldn't have wished for a more striking opening to all the other good music coming up.


  1. 0. Striker (Original Mix) (09:13)
  2. 0. Striker (Ummet Ozcan Remix) (07:42)
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