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John O'Callaghan & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Ride The Wave

June 20, 2011
What does one get when a master of vocal anthems and pounding tech-trance joins forces with a legend in euphoric and uplifting trance? Right, an outstanding, crowd-pleasing bomb of a track! After their 2009 collab 'Our Dimension', it's time for the next collab of Irish-Italian making sees the light of day. It's been a long time, but every minute was well worth the wait. Here's 'Ride The Wave'. Layers of euphoria make up for a strong whole, as a gentle, whispered female vocal brings in a storm of a build up, right before it unfolds the track's grand moment. If you're looking for a combination of all the right clicks, bits, pieces and elements, as well as a perfect blend of both significant sounds of its creators, 'Ride The Wave' will rock your world. On the flipside, 'Ride The Wave' gets an extra push in the tight Full Tilt Mix, kicking in to give you that last bit of energy you needed. High quality from the first till the very last beat is what you'll get - nothing more, and nothing less!


  1. 0. Ride The Wave (Original Mix) (07:10)
  2. 0. Ride The Wave (Full Tilt Remix) (07:13)
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