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John O'Callaghan & Full Tilt feat. Karen Kelly - Breathe

February 18, 2013
If it hasn't caught your attention on Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2013' compilation yet, it'll be stuck on replay from this day forward. The Irish league of John O'Callaghan and the Full Tilt boys join forces for the extraordinary sounds of 'Breathe' feat. Karen Kelly. Both masters of the vocal trance genre, as well as the more banging, heart-racing type of it, John O'Callaghan was more than right to team up with Full Tilt producers Timmy Gibson & Tommy Conway. It's not the first and hopefully not the last collaboration either, but it sure sound refreshing! 'Breathe', which doesn't only ride the warm vocals of Full Tilt's latest vocal discovery, Karen Kelly, also movesfrom lush, emotive melody to playful, loud bass. It's one of those bangers you need to get the entire floor dancing. And this one will do just fine!


  1. 1. Breathe (Original Mix) (08:38)
  2. 2. Breathe (Radio Edit) (03:39)
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