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John O'Callaghan featuring Lo-Fi Sugar - Never Fade Away

August 10, 2009
As the official title track of John's second artist album, the beautiful 'Never Fade Away' immediately stood out. A tender, delicate type of track that hits the sensitive spot time after time. The number one Irish DJ/Producer wanted his new album to stretch out far beyond the tech-trance style that he's known for. With a chill-out track like 'Never Fade Away' and previous hit singles 'Surreal' and 'Find Yourself' he's shown to be more than capable of doing so. Featuring the crystal clear, dreamy vocals of American singer Heather Pollock, working under her Lo-Fi Sugar guise, 'Never Fade Away' lets everything else fade to the back, and makes you stop to think for a moment. There's no beat to pump things up in the original. It's the genuine melody, the spine-tingling piano play and Lo-Fi's voice that solely do the work on this beauty.To make sure 'Never Fades Away' also fits a club-setting, Scottish producer Andy Duguid and Italian producer Guiseppe Ottaviani reworked it to true club anthems. Andy Duguid gave the track a lovely progressive touch, with pure feel good moments. Andy's remix, already featured on Armin's 'A State of Trance 2009' album as the opening-track on the first cd, is in perfect balance of ambient and progressive. Guiseppe Ottaviani, one of the major players in the uplifting trance scene, covered 'Never Fade Away' with a tasty layer of activating peak-time trance. All together, this 'Never Fade Away' package has plenty in stores for any type of setting.


  1. 0. Never Fade Away (Andy Duguid Remix) (07:12)
  2. 0. Never Fade Away (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (08:02)
  3. 0. Never Fade Away (Album Version) (04:58)
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