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John O'Callaghan feat. Cathy Burton - Perfection

November 21, 2011
Pure warmth descents from the John O'Callaghan 'Unfold' album. One of the jewels from it, is 'Perfection' feat singer Cathy Burton, of which the Shogun remix now sees the light of day! Anyone that's kept an eye out on the dance movement, has seen the many faces of Irish producer/DJ and label owner John O'Callaghan. He moved the following of his Subculture label with anything from the deep, dark sounds of prog to the high peaks of all-shattering tech-trance. The dust of his harder 'The Bailout' release still hasn't settled, but the next one's already hitting in. 'Perfection', a tune with an entirely different feel to it. The original of 'Perfection' has that dark, pounding bassline, completed with a breathtaking, glowing break. A perfect starting point to American producer Shogun. He added some extra sugar to the melody, gave it a more uplifting feel and now kicks in with a remix that will shatter down the clubs, arena's and festivals in the next few months!


  1. 1. Perfection (Shogun Remix) (09:13)
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