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John O'Callaghan - Desert Orchid

July 12, 2010
Whatever project he sets his mind to, John O'Callaghan makes it come alive. He creates a soul to his ideas, and lets them outshine the rest. It's all about their effect on the floor, and his new 'Desert Orchid' is a true winner on that field. From its soft, almost inaudible whispers to the deep bass hitting your heart with a new rhythm to pound to, draped in a warm, trancy melody and sparling, energetic tech-effect. 'Desert Orchid' has soul, and will take over the floors with an enchanting impact. If anyone feels a track like this, it's Dutchman Thomas Bronzwaer. Mister 'Certitude', 'Look Ahead' and 'Collider' knows more than well how to boost 'Desert Orchid' and let his own sound slip right into the core of it. On his remix, the 'Desert Orchid' soul is energetic, with a core of pure trance delight. Markus Schulz Will play this! Gareth Emery Always great music from JOC and awesome remixes from Thomas. Dash Berlin Nice banger!! JOB well done by JOC. Andy Moor Orig mix is cool. Dave Pearce Original mix! TyDi Supporting :) Sean Tyas Both mixes 5/5. GregDowney Love this release, both remixes are great! Eddie Halliwell passing on to eddie. Bobina Supporting!


  1. 0. Desert Orchid (Original Mix) (07:03)
  2. 0. Desert Orchid (Thomas Bronzwaer Remix) (06:54)
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