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John O'Callaghan - Centurion E.P.

May 30, 2011
In the past nine years, Ireland's superstar John O'Callaghan has delivered more than 50 original compositions and three ground-breaking artist album. Amongst them are globe-conquering anthems such as 'Big Sky', 'Find Yourself' and 'Never Fade Away'. Recently the third and most creative opus from the owner of the successful Subculture imprint was released: artist album 'Unfold'. Taken from this wonderful blend of blissful chill-out, dark tech-trance, emotive vocals and nuclear melodies, his latest release the 'Centurion EP' now sees the light of day! This pack was produced for big-room madness! Each of the three tracks, 'Centurion', 'RawDeal' and 'Stresstest', damage the floors with heavy cracks and a feet-killing tempo. A growling thunder of a bassline and massive lead sounds take over in 'Centurion', while 'RawDeal' presents an inflammable techno sound and a revelation of euphoria in the break. Finally, 'Stresstest' isn't bound to give you a break either. Its constant drive and tough beats make up for a tight mix of pure tech-trance pleasure! An energetic trio for the highlight moments.


  1. 0. Centurion (Extended Mix) (07:27)
  2. 0. Stresstest (Extended Mix) (05:43)
  3. 0. Raw Deal (Extended Mix) (06:38)
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