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John Dahlbäck & Henrik B - Senses

August 28, 2011
Sweden's got some spice to offer to the global house scene. If you're into silky smooth, seductive melodies, deep-bassed beats and dark tech-house inspired anthems, let John Dalhbäck and Henrik B do what they do best. Blow the roof off with their collab 'Senses', kicking in hard on the Pilot 6 label. Both John Dahlbäck and Henrik B have earned their stripes in today's music industry. Dahlbäck, label owner, producer, DJ and expert in incorporating electro, techno and progressive into pure house music, looks back on 4 artist albums and massive floor killers like 'Pyramid', 'Hustle Up', 'Everywhere' and 'Blink'. Henrik B, blurring the lines between house and techno and making name with outstanding productions such as 'Airwalk' and 'Soul Heaven', makes a perfect match to the Dahlbäck sound. 'Senses' is that strong tech-house anthem that keeps the clubbers going, grooving and unfolding as it builds towards a melodic break. A flirtatious, deep piece of music that gets under your skin before you know it.


  1. 1. John Dahlbäck and Henrik B - Senses (Original Mix) (07:46)
  2. 2. John Dahlbäck & Henrik B - Senses (Radio Edit) (03:16)
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