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John Dahlbäck feat. BullySongs - Walking With Shadows

June 03, 2016
Firing over a dynamic, two-faced creation to Armada Music after the highly-acclaimed 'Saga' album, John Dahlbäck once again puts emphasis on the fact that thinking out-of-the-box makes things interesting. Switching it up between floor-smashing drops and delicate verses bringing out Bullysongs' distinct timbre, 'Walking With Shadows' is where two worlds collide, further diversified by a feel-good Happy Love Remix and a stunning rendition by Years. Who knew that bringing together the best parts of these worlds would result in something so addictive?


  1. 1. Walking With Shadows (03:34)
  2. 2. Walking With Shadows (Lunde Bros Remix) (03:02)
  3. 3. Walking With Shadows (Happy Love Remix) (03:28)
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