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Johan Malmgren - Come Back / Find You

June 10, 2012
Though the kick-start to Johan Malmgren's career had already been giving, the Swedish producer has now definitely stepped things up in the game. With his 'Come Back' E.P. on the Re*Brand label, he's hit full throttle. Known for originals 'Primitus', 'The Right Chords' and 'Be Yourself', as well as remixes for the likes of The Thrillseekers, Audien, Eco and Susana & Max Graham, it didn't take long for Johan Malmgren to confirm his membership of the new breed EDM producers. With this debut on Re*Brand, including the melodic and trippy 'Come Back' and feel-good 'Find You', he has certainly shown the world what he's up to.


  1. 1. Come Back (Original Mix) (07:03)
  2. 2. Find You (Original Mix) (05:38)
  3. 3. Come Back (Radio Edit) (03:39)
  4. 4. Find You (Radio Edit) (03:39)
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