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Jerome Isma-Ae & Justin Michael feat. Novi - Awaken (Dub Mix)

December 09, 2013
Armada Music gives a very warm welcome to Jee Productions, the successful label of Jerome Isma- Ae. The label has come a long way since its launch in 2004 and continues to live up to its reputation with the release of 'Awaken'. A collaboration of Jerome and LA-based producer Justin Michael, and a mighty fine one indeed. Dark sounds and techy, rough edges give this prog-house tune a dirty, deep push, a perfect play for the 4AM moments in the underground clubs and the prime time killer at any festival. 'Awaken' feat. Novi provides an excellent kick-off to Jee Production's addition on Armada Music.


  1. 1. Awaken (Dub Radio Edit) (03:30)
  2. 2. Awaken (Dub Mix) (05:20)
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