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Jean Elan - Flashed / NERD

October 09, 2011
He looks back upon a Grammy nomination for one of his many remixes, was part of the successful Dabruck & Klein collab on 'I've Got My Pride (Hold My Head High)' and keeps the fire going with his brand new singles 'Flashed' and 'Nerd'. Ladies and gents, this is Jean Elan. A big fan of cross-over sees Berlin-based producer Jean Elan rock the ZOUK label with a deliciously indefinable masterpiece of music. 'Flashed' is one of those tracks that, once stripped down, has a bit of everything. Combining the best of both worlds, 'Flashed' dives into the depth of prog, while providing energy with a housy beat. Its string-driven break, fierce but playful, leads to an explosion of techy electro. 'Flashed' has everything a dance floor essential needs. 'Nerd' rides a different type of groove, constantly building tension. It's got an addictive, deep bass, loud drums and a strong drive that gets you hooked from first play.   German duo and remix-masterminds Dabruck & Klein, make 'Flashed' kick in even harder. Their remix is playful, sturdy, strong and makes the hearts rumble wildly.


  1. 1. Flashed (Original Mix) (07:35)
  2. 2. Flashed (Edit) (03:29)
  3. 3. Flashed (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (06:49)
  4. 4. NERD (Original Mix) (06:20)
  5. 5. NERD (Edit) (03:30)
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