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James Dymond - Paladin / Odyssey

May 14, 2012
Since making his debut on Armada's Aropa label, dance land embraced the sound of James Dymond. The UK producer is on for another round of crowd pleasing, this time with the mesmerizing 'Paladin' and 'Odyssey'. Honoring the classic sound of trance, James makes his productions shine out with a strong build-up, emotional break and sturdy pay-off. Both 'Paladin'and 'Odyssey' follow that heavy-impact recipe, creating a special vibe each time they ride silence.


  1. 1. Paladin (Original Mix) (08:20)
  2. 2. Odyssey (Original Mix) (08:22)
  3. 3. Paladin (Radio Edit) (05:13)
  4. 4. Odyssey (Radio Edit) (05:10)
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