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James Dymond - Imperium / Adrastus

September 17, 2012
Arising as one of the biggest trance talents of the past 3 years, James Dymond continues to fulfill his insatiable need to please the masses. Through the emotional and extravagant trancers of ‘Adrastus’ and ‘Imperium’, he enriches his list of future classics. After appearing on the Universal Religion 5 album and making a 4-track E.P. debut on Dash Berlin’s Aropa Records, trance land has been screaming for more of the UK producer’s work. And more they get. Following his ‘Paladin’ and ‘Odyssey’, are two new addictions for the trance lovers. With great, melodramatic geste, he lands the melodic ‘Adrastus’, a big tune that hits right in where it needs. Then there’s the more techy, big-bassed ‘Imperium’, carrying a break that’ll bring any crowd to a higher level. Loving the classic trance sound? Then enjoy these two essentials. 


  1. 1. Imperium (Original Mix) (07:15)
  2. 2. Imperium (Original Orchestral Mix) (08:12)
  3. 3. Imperium (Radio Edit) (05:27)
  4. 4. Adrastus (Original Mix) (07:20)
  5. 5. Adrastus (Radio Edit) (04:56)
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