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J.O.C. - Botnik

November 29, 2010
It's been a while since John O'Callaghan tightened things up with his Joint Operations Centre alias. Ever sharp-edged, John delivered the 100th Captivating release with his 'Backup' and 'Cramped' at the end of 2009. Within the past 12 months, a lot has happened. John kicked off his very own Subculture label, now home to all of his productions and part of the Armada Music family. After 2 successful compilations, securing an amazing 33rd position in the DJ Mag and being Ireland's number one DJ and Producer, he now proudly presents a new Joint Operations Centre: 'Botnik'. Anyone familiar with John's darker side knows what to expect on 'Botnik'. Like his previous 'Jetleg Dancer', 'Back Up' and 'Bass Thing', he digs deep into the harder effect-box and created another storm of a record, ready to destroy everything on its way. With the original version bringing its listeners the unavoidable urge to dance the night away, the remix-duties weren't the easiest. But Dutch duo W&W, known for their 'Alpha', 'Manhattan' and 'Mustang', know their way around with anthems like these. They've created an absolute killer remix, underlined with their typical bassline kicking in and back up with genuine techy effects, they once again prove to be in absolute control. Support by: Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes, Tenishia, Ashley Wallbridge, Blank & Jones, Lange, Andy Moor


  1. 0. Botnik (Original Mix) (07:04)
  2. 0. Botnik (W&W Remix) (07:00)
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