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J-C Touch - Touch Me E.P.

December 27, 2010
While his previous release 'Free' became a part of the 2010 summer soundtrack, his latest double release is now kicking in to warm your winter! Straight from his studio in London, it's British producer John Carr who delivers us two outstanding pieces with with 'Aymee' and 'Touch Me'. Match techno influences with feel good house elements and you have a winning club formula. John applied this to his 'Aymee', which hits in with a constant drive and high feel-good factor. 'Touch Me' has the same potential, but sits at the deeper end. Led by its addictive vocal-line, provided by singer Claire Rodrigues, it makes standing still an impossible task! Support By: Baggi Begovic, Dj Chus, Chris Kaeser, Thomas Gold, D.O.N.S., Kid Massive, Johnny Vicious


  1. 0. Touch Me (Matt Joko Big Room Mix) (05:07)
  2. 0. Touch Me (Original Mix) (05:07)
  3. 0. Aymee (Original Mix) (04:37)
  4. 0. Touch Me (Less Is More Mix) (05:07)
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