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Inner City feat. LaRae Starr - Good Luck

March 31, 2017
Straight out of urban legend, dance phenomenon Inner City returns to KMS. Highly-acclaimed around the globe, the Detroit music group now enters a new phase with Dantiez, son of Inner City founder Kevin Saunderson, entering the fray. Set to inject new energy into the project, Dantiez will continue to push Inner City’s impeccable legacy onwards alongside his father. The forthcoming release of ‘Good Luck’ will make this statement of intent clear. With vocals from LaRae Starr and renditions from Kevin & Dantiez Saunderson, Sure Is Pure, Chuck Daniels, and DEAS, it's more spice than a chili pepper. It’s simply phenomenal and continues to pioneer its way to the top. Vocals - LaRae Starr, Additional Keyboards: Niko Marks, Vocal Production: Ann Saunderson
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