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Inge Lemon - Starchild

January 10, 2011
EDM artists are multifaceted people. They team up, collaborate, remix and keep on offering us their very own, personal soul-sketches, translated into music. One of the members of the EDM society, is Norwegian DJ and producer Inge Lemon. As one half of the Lemon & Einar K team up, he rocked our speakers with tracks like 'Hope', 'Anticipation' and 'The Oslo Syndrome'. Now, at the turn of 2011, Inge is up for something new. Something of his own, that'll sweep the floor with the same intensity. His debut solo production 'Starchild' has found its home on the beloved Soundpiercing imprint. 'Starchild' is a strangely wonderful dark trancer, blending the undiscovered deep with bleeping tech-related sounds after its break. A bittersweet vocal carries listeners of 'Starchild' to the night black side of trance, without ever losing its spark. Israeli duo Gofman & Tsukerman added their touch to 'Starchild', making it extra deep and bolt. A vocoded vocal-line guides you all the way down to the powerful conclusion. This one breaths floor-destruction. Support by: Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz,Paul Oakenfold, Aly and Fila, Rank1, Lange, Simon Patterson, Andy Moor.


  1. 0. Starchild (Original Mix) (07:49)
  2. 0. Starchild (Gofman & Tsukerman Remix) (07:12)
  3. 0. Starchild (Dub Mix) (07:49)
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