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Ben Gold - I'm In A State Of Trance (ASOT 750 Anthem)[Tempo Giusto Remix]

December 21, 2018
Turning up the heat of an already blistering ASOT anthem, Tempo Giusto supercharges Ben Gold’s ‘I’m In A State Of Trance’ for off-the-charts dance floor damage. Powerful, energetic and ferociously feisty from start to finish, this remix is about to go on a club-destroying rampage.

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  1. 1. I'm In A State Of Trance (ASOT 750 Anthem) (Tempo Giusto Remix) (03:45)
  2. 2. I'm In A State Of Trance (ASOT 750 Anthem) (Tempo Giusto Extended Remix) (05:49)
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