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Husman - E.D.M. / Memories Of You

October 01, 2012
With a keen ear for new talent, W&W welcome back the promising sounds of Dutch producer Husman. On Mainstage Music, he kicks in two new favourites: 'E.D.M.' and 'Memories of You'. Nick Housmans left quite an impression with his grand debut, 'P.O.W.' and 'Breakdown'. And he makes sure to keep it grand, providing a worthy follow-up E.P.. The young talent embraces diversity, awaking the beats of prog, trance, but also rocking things out with a taste of electro and break-beat. Enjoy the feel-good 'E.D.M.' and warm but pounding 'Memories of You', both featured on W&W's 'Mainstage 2012 Vol.1' compilation!


  1. 1. E.D.M. (Original Mix) (06:07)
  2. 2. Memories Of You (Original Mix) (06:20)
  3. 3. E.D.M. (Radio Edit) (03:010)
  4. 4. Memories Of You (Radio Edit) (03:08)
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