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Sannie - How Long

February 08, 2016
Calling on superb chords, mesmerizing string play and a lovely vocal to hit the spot, Sannie turns to Armada Deep with 'How Long'. Carrying mixes from the likes of Alex Neri & GG Canu, ATFC, and Grant Nelson in addition to the sublime original, this package is the all-embracing piece of Deep House heaven you've been obsessively underlining on your wish list. Play it loud and play it repeatedly.


  1. 1. How Long (03:29)
  2. 2. How Long (Grant Nelson Radio Edit) (03:32)
  3. 3. How Long (ATFC Remix) (06:19)
  4. 4. How Long (Alex Neri & GG Canu Techno Mix) (06:49)
  5. 5. How Long (Extended Mix) (04:29)
  6. 6. How Long (Grant Nelson Club Mix) (06:15)
  7. 7. How Long (ATFC Dub) (05:31)
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