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Horatio - Brighton 4 AM EP

November 13, 2017
Back on Undr The Radr with another tremendous, three-track EP, Horatio means business. With ‘Brighton 4 AM’, ‘Where’s The Party At?’ and ‘Basement’, the Romanian DJ and producer offers three unparalleled floor-thrillers no crowd will want to miss a beat of.

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  1. 1. Brighton 4 AM (03:30)
  2. 2. Where's The Party At? (03:54)
  3. 3. Basement (03:52)
  4. 4. Brighton 4 AM (Extended Mix) (07:13)
  5. 5. Where's The Party At? (Extended Mix) (06:46)
  6. 6. Basement (Extended Mix) (06:42)
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