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Rodg - High On Life

September 30, 2016
Few signature sounds are as distinct and globally acclaimed as the trademark vibes of Rodg. The Dutchman steadily built his legacy through delicate Chill creations, ridiculously catchy Progressive trancers, and a keen eye for sheer musical quality, and has set his sights on things even greater. Shaking off the veil that had him remain Armada’s secret weapon for years, he takes the spotlight by making the most of the surreal amount of talent he’s been gifted with. And this is the result… Taking his listeners to a place where driving basslines, rapturous melodies, and riveting atmospheres are the sanctuary’s mood-setters, Rodg shows just what it feels like to be ‘High On Life’. As vibrant as irresistible, each of the cuts comprising this 15-piece marvel conveys what those who’ve already experience his prowess first-hand have known for ages; it is proof of the man’s unwavering diligence and his knack for forging tunes that are truly timeless.   To enter the world of Rodg is to be swept off your feet only to have your mind soar the skies. This is ‘High On Life’.
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