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Heatbeat - Roses Never Cry / Chinpokomon

October 03, 2011
The Heatbeat boys give full play, with one musical highlight after the next. With this new E.P. on Soundpiercing, Argentina's finest producer duo continues doing what they do best: enrapture the crowd.It hasn't been that long since their 'Ask The Cat' E.P. warmed up the European summer season. With the Ibiza spark slowly fading, the Argentinean spring sets in. Preparing for long, sultry hot nights, Agustin and Matias decided to bring in a set of new, nocturnal anthems. 'Roses Never Cry' is tender and sensitively seductive with piano play, though more than fit for peak-time bliss. A breath of fresh air for those looking for a real feel-good tune. 'Chinpokomon' is something completely different. This feet-killer a real wake-up call, with growling beats and electric stabs. Truly maddening!


  1. 0. Roses Never Cry (Original Mix) (07:03)
  2. 0. Chinpokomon (Original Mix) (07:07)
  3. 0. Roses Never Cry (Radio Edit) (03:41)
  4. 0. Chinpokomon (Radio Edit) (04:05)
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