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Heatbeat - Geek Love

July 28, 2008
The third release of South American dream team Heatbeat on Soundpiercing Audio! With their recent releases like "Push Over" and "Calendonia" these youngsters have been receiving a huge amount of support by all major dj's. This time it isn't an EP with seperate tracks they present, but a single release called "Geek Love". Armin has been hammering the Peter Martijn Wijna remix for a while already but that is not all this package offers! Besides the Original you can find the remixes of Monogato and Thr3shold. A Package you cannot miss! DJ Support:Ferry Corsten: the monogato mix for me!Armin van Buuren: Peter did a great job again on the remix, support!Duderstadt: Original for us!


  1. 0. Geek Love (Monogato remix) (08:11)
  2. 0. Geek Love (Original Mix) (08:47)
  3. 0. Geek Love (Peter Martijn Wijnia Remix) (10:02)
  4. 0. Geek Love (Thr3shold remix) (09:05)
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