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Heatbeat - Game Over

March 18, 2013
Part of the next generation of EDM producers, Heatbeat step up their game. Already taken charge of Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2013', is their new choice of play: the rocking 'Game Over'! They've secured a high score at the 80th position in the DJ Mag Top 100. But the Argentinean duo of Agustin Servente and Matias Faint are planning even bigger things for the near future. Part of their masterplan, is the rousing 'Game Over'. A bulky, straight-forward type of tune, taking you a level up right there on the dance floor.


  1. 1. Game Over (Original Mix) (06:10)
  2. 2. Game Over (Radio Edit) (04:01)
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