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Heatbeat featuring Josie - Because Of You

August 17, 2009
Long has it been since their breakthrough track 'Caledonia' violated the speakers, but while the rest of the world enjoyed follow-ups 'Paradise Garage', 'Geek Love' and 'Vergatron', Agustin Servente and Mathias Chavez of Heatbeat haven't been spending their time in wonder of their own producing ability. Instead, they worked on another monster, to be released on theS107 label. For 'Because of You', Heatbeat joined forces with no one less than vocalist Josie. The little sister of singer/songwriter Jaren has worked herself up to a much requested trance singer. Arnej's 'Strangers We've Become' and John O'Callaghan 'Out of Nowhere' are only two of the many beauties that contain her soothing voice. 'Because of You' is a productions with two faces. A Dark Mix, and a Light mix make Josie's vocals have a completely different feel. The Light mix is a warm, uplifting and joyful trancer, while the strong Dark Mix comes closer to an ominous techy track with a firm bite. Whatever suits your mood, Heatbeat delivers!Dutchies M6 and Re:Locate are stuck between both atmospheres with a playful, upfront remix that passes by deep trancy synths and tiny electro influences. The M6 vs. Re:Locate remix completes this delicious Heatbeat package!


  1. 0. Because Of You (Original Mix) (07:09)
  2. 0. Because Of You (Heatbeat Redubberz Mix) (06:41)
  3. 0. Because Of You (M6 vs ReLocate Remix) (06:26)
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