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Heatbeat feat. Jeza - Light Up

January 10, 2011
With their floor-filling, all-destroying sound, Heatbeat has always hit the right knob on the dancefloor. Argentinean DJ and producer duo Agustin Servente and Matias Faint have kept the Heatbeat moniker flaming for years, building a grand reputation within the trance scene. 'Vergatron', 'Mr. Walrus' and Exit collab 'Go' were peak time examples of their journey on the big room path. On their 'Light Up' however, they touch a different corner of sounds. 'Light Up' rides a warmer, more melodic sound than we're used to hear from the Heatbeat boys. Perfectly fitting, Jess Bennett a.k.a. Jeza lends her voice to create an even warmer feel. But no worries, the typical Heatbeat sound isn't getting a raw deal on this one. While the original version keeps its scintillating tension in the back, the 'Rough Mix' kicks it in with full effect. Strongly built up synth-lines and tough beats will turn your night into a night unforgettable. Support by: Gareth Emery, Myon & Shane54, Andy Moor, Ernesto vs Bastian, Tenishia, Ashley Wallbridge, tyDi, Lisa Lashes, Blake Jarrell, Mark Pledger, M.I.K.E.


  1. 0. Light Up (Original Mix) (07:44)
  2. 0. Light Up (Rough Mix) (06:27)
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