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Heatbeat - Chow Mein (Remixes)

November 26, 2012
It's not that the Heatbeat boys need some seasoning to their musical dishes, but we do like to extend the pleasure with some powerful remixes. And so, 6 months after the contagious 'Chow Mein' kicked it, it's up to Noah Neiman and Tangle & Mateusz to do so! Whenever trance land needs some power, it's the big-room bass of Heatbeat that never fails to deliver what's needed. This year, they made a grand new entry at #80 in the DJ Mag Top 100, a result of their constant drive and relentless energy. The Argentinean producer duo score hit after hit, rocking us with the successful 'Roses Never Cry', 'Rocker Monster' and of course 'Chow Mein'. That last one is about to return to the crowds in two new versions, remixed by rising American talents Noah Neiman and duo Tangle & Mateusz! Noah Neiman has placed the cards right, taking a full house with a rework fit for those that love the uplifting but big-bassed type of tune. His remix of 'Chow Mein' is a delight of electro energy, techy flavours and a warm, flowing melody. Tangle & Mateusz have taken the road to absolute big-room, providing a solid build-up, golden break and a rough, silver lining to kick in right after. Pure energy!


  1. 1. Chow Mein (Noah Neiman Remix) (06:47)
  2. 2. Chow Mein (Tangle & Mateusz Remix) (06:20)
  3. 3. Chow Mein (Noah Neiman Radio Edit) (02:44)
  4. 4. Chow Mein (Tangle & Mateusz Radio Edit) (03:27)
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