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Heatbeat and Exit - Go

June 14, 2010
Sometimes people have more in common that they initially thought they would. The resemblance of Argentinean duo's Heatbeat and Exit is quite extraordinary, so with them sharing a love for tech-trance, playing in the most fancy clubs and releasing floor-anthems - tune after tune -, it wouldn't take long before they'd bind their strengths. Their synergy resounds on the sixth Subculture release: 'Go'. From the very moment that beat hits in, there's a balance of maddening techno-influence and trance melodies. Heatbeat and Exit, with Agustin Servente and Matias Faint on one side and Martin Paley and Kevin Muter on the other, delivers an all-destroying break and fire things up with that much energy that makes 'Go' the only fitting title to it. Subculture owner John O'Callaghan himself took out Joint Operations Centre mask and veiled himself to turn 'Go' into a techno record in all its facets.


  1. 0. Go (Original Mix) (07:28)
  2. 0. Go (Joint Operations Centre Remix) (06:07)
Keplar quality