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Elevven & JES - Heartbeat Tonight (Remix Contest Winners)

August 30, 2019
‘Heartbeat Tonight’, the dream collaboration with JES that kick-started the Elevven adventure, finally gets its own proper remix package. Featuring four widely diverse, but equally outstanding treatments from respectively Grand Prize winner Elypsis, Levekar & Lucian Kode, Triode and Paul Arcane, this four-fold release offers top-quality dance music across the spectrum.

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  1. 1. Heartbeat Tonight (Elypsis Remix) (03:50)
  2. 2. Heartbeat Tonight (Levekar & Lucian Kode Remix) (03:55)
  3. 3. Heartbeat Tonight (Triode Remix) (04:26)
  4. 4. Heartbeat Tonight (Paul Arcane Remix) (03:24)
  5. 5. Heartbeat Tonight (03:01)
  6. 6. Heartbeat Tonight (Elypsis Extended Remix) (05:48)
  7. 7. Heartbeat Tonight (Paul Arcane Extended Mix) (05:18)
  8. 8. Heartbeat Tonight (Extended Mix) (05:18)
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