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Hamerling & De Koning - Air

May 07, 2012
Light as air, heavy as a summer-storm about to thicken it. Dutchies Jochem Hamerling and Niels de Koning show some prog-house skills on ZOUK, kicking in with the feel-good beat of 'Air'. The world is about to rediscover the talents of Dutchman Jochem Hamerling and Niels de Koning. Hamerling, a rising name in the Dutch house scene, known for the works of 'Progster' and 'Dollhouse' under his Audiophox moniker. De Koning, rookie to the game, making his debut in dance land. Together, they rise to greater heights, with the catchy, deep progressive houser 'Air'. A track that will get stuck in your mind before you notice. Could this be one of summer's soundtracks?


  1. 1. Air (Original Mix) (06:00)
  2. 2. Air (Radio Edit) (02:55)
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