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Guestlist. - How Will I Know

July 27, 2018
In our collective memories, don't we all have recollections of driving down a sun-drenched freeway in a convertible with the top-down, laughing uncontrollably with good friends, possibly sipping Coca-Cola? And in these memories, aren't all of our friends extremely good looking, with perfect teeth and exceptional smiles? I think it's pretty clear we all remember that... Of course, The Bearded Man asks: Did these moments ever actually happen? I mean, can you recall *specifically* when they happened? How will we know if the girl from these memories is real, or if it was just a commercial we saw in the past at some point? The Bearded Man says: If you remember Katy Perry being there, 98% chance it wasn't real (unless your name is Russell Brand).

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  1. 1. How Will I Know (03:02)
  2. 2. How Will I Know (Extended Mix) (03:28)
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