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Grube and Hovsepian - Conviction

July 12, 2010
The Grube & Hovespian sound is slowly but steady taking over. US producers Tim Grube and Mike Hovsepian are working on a masterplan, and take in the EDM world remix by remix and track by track. After remixes for Markus Schulz, M.I.K.E. and Fei-Fei, they're taking the lead with a new track completely their own: 'Conviction'. It's no crime to mix housy kicks with big room progressive, but the outcome is criminally good. 'Conviction' is not the type of tune you turn up to catch breath, it's one big pond of energy. Building gently, but bursting out into a well-flowing, warm shot of vivacity. If you're up for a more distortive, maddening approach of 'Conviction', the remix of Greek producer Basil O'Glue will do. Does melodic, soothing prog tickle your fancy? Then get taken over by the remix of French producer Klems. Last but not least, if you're on for a personal highlight and breakout moment, release yourself with the Skytech Stadium remix, big room all the way!   Markus Schulz Will give this a spin or two :) Above and Beyond Interesting, will support! Gareth Emery Nice remix from Klems! Paul van Dyk Supporting JudgeJules Nice track, really like it Menno de Jong Supporting! Eddie Halliwell Passing on to eddie W&W Will Support! Lange Nice sound, decent all round package Paul Oakenfold Maybe the Basil remix for us. Will take another listen. Ernesto & Bastian Perfect, nice beachwear, support Klems rmx. Ashley Wallbridge Love Skytechs remix, Solid ;) Andy Moor Nice release, some cool mixes here. supporting Trance International Yes please TyDi Supporting :) Leon Bolier Original mix + klems mix for me, good stuff


  1. 0. Conviction (Original Mix) (07:26)
  2. 0. Conviction (Skytech Stadium Mix) (07:38)
  3. 0. Conviction (Klems Remix) (08:25)
  4. 0. Conviction (Basil O'Glue Remix) (07:51)
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