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Groove Armada & Brodanse feat. Kevin Knapp - Advancing Man

June 09, 2014
With early support from Dusky, Tom Budden, Lauhaus and Severino 'The Advancing Man' follows on from the 2013 hit 'Sweat feat. Cari Golden' (which topped the Beatport charts and was played on Radio 1 by Pete Tong). For 'Part 2' in the collaboration series between Groove Armada and Brodanse the two duos come together once again but this time they work alongside Kevin Knapp who many will know from his slick productions with Audiojack, Richie Ahmed and Matt Tolfrey. The EP contains 3 different versions. The Original, a steady thumper with a bad to the bone bass line. The Danse Club Remix, a hypnotic groove led dance floor killer and GA's Advancing Dub' a stripped back groove and sparse vocal stabs and a big break down.


  1. 1. Advancing Man (Radio Edit) (03:16)
  2. 2. Advancing Man (Danse Club Radio Edit) (02:50)
  3. 3. Advancing Man (Advancing Dub Radio Edit) (03:25)
  4. 4. Advancing Man (Original Mix) (07:23)
  5. 5. Advancing Man (Danse Club Remix) (06:44)
  6. 6. Advancing Man (Advancing Dub) (06:00)
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