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Greg Benz - The Depths

June 04, 2012
Ever exploring the deepness of prog, Greg Benz lands another solid tune on the Electronic Elements label. 'The Depths' is the melodic, curvy track of one half of the legendary Benz & MD duo! Making a quick rise in the Canadian EDM scene in the late 90's, Benz has been part of the scene for nearly 15 years. Years in which he didn't only experiment with music by himself, but also rose to great heights under the Benz & MD team-up. This time, he's flying solo, and does it with a profound, ecstatic piece of prog. 'The Depths' is the dreamy opener that flows, moves and indulges.


  1. 1. The Depths (Original Mix) (09:42)
  2. 2. The Depths (Dub Mix) (08:26)
  3. 3. The Depths (Radio Edit) (03:36)
  4. 4. The Depths (Radio Dub Edit) (03:18)
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