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Greg Benz feat. Scotty.A - The Deep End

May 13, 2013
Living to the rhythm of prog for over 15 years, both Canada's Greg Benz and UK's Scotty A have caught a right groove in the producing games. 'The Deep End' is their ode to the classic prog sound of old, with a taste of tomorrow. Not too long ago, Electronic Elements brought Greg Benz' 'The Depths', as well as serving the massive 'Anxious' E.P. of Scotty A making. With sounds that perfectly complement each other, it's no wonder these guys decided to team up for their next one. 'The Deep End' brings a well-balanced, melodic prog tune that lures you right into its rabbit hole of sounds.


  1. 1. The Deep End (Original Mix) (09:15)
  2. 2. The Deep End (Radio Edit) (03:51)
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