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Gostan feat. Shaun Barker - Cocaïn

July 10, 2017
It’s ok… You can admit it… When you first saw The Bearded Man, with his burly beard, and his 70s, ultra-tinted sunglasses, what did you think? When you saw that freshly-pressed eggshell suit in the hot summer sun, and that gold bling? When you saw him light up that cigar, pinky ring flashing as he sparked that diamond-plated butane lighter… You know what you thought — that he was a South American drug lord. Well, you’re not wrong, obviously. The Bearded Man certainly had that period in his life, like most of us have, where he disappeared into the jungle only to emerge as a pre-eminent figure in the underworld of the international narcotics trade. But those days are behind him, and now he works at Hot Topic in the mall. It just got so stressful — pushing people out of helicopters, bribing officials, maintaining superiority over an ever-increasing plot of highly valuable land. Who needs those headaches? Not to mention the tax problems… Anyways, those days are far behind him, and he’ll never do it again.* *Note: The Bearded Man is legally required to say this as part of his settlement.


  1. 1. Cocaïn (02:54)
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