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Gold & Osborne - The Hunt Is On / HyperVyper

May 17, 2010
Two creative, forward-thinking minds can only head off in one direction: up. Ben Gold and Lee Osborne are in town, and ready to rumble. The dance scene's lucky to have these UK lads at its side, cause with their open mind, experience, guts and feel for future sounds, a breath of fresh air strengthens the current dance movement. Speaking of which, gasping for air is one of the side effects of the Gold & Osborne collab. The guys have become a driving force in tech-trance without restrictions, both with their history of multiple styled releases. Where Ben has hit the scene with a heavily-supported 'Sunstroke', 'Today' and most recent 'Sapphire', Lee has moved crowds using 'Eight', 'Innocent' and remixes for the likes of Marco V as his weapon. Together, this unstoppable force grinds the floor with an EP that doesn't belong anywhere else than the Captivating Sounds label. The title might give away a little clue about what 'Hyper Vyper' is all about. A boom blasting, floor-sweeping, cheeky fella, 'Hyper Vyper' is. Strong elements, an intense break down and heavy-weighing, deep bass make sure this one won't escape the ear. 'The Hunt Is On' is one of those B-sides that needs a while to build, but unfolds to an A-class track within the very second the break kicks in. Prog-trancy, without ever losing its melodic spirit. Ladies and gents, this is Gold & Osborne at your service.


  1. 0. The Hunt Is On (Original Mix) (07:00)
  2. 0. HyperVyper (07:26)
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